CD/DVD Jewel Case Covers

Printed in 200 line screen
Low Price not cheap printing
on Heidelberg Presses

CD Pockets with Flap
( O Cards)

CD Jewel Case Insert
(Slip Cases)

CD Slim Jewel Case Insert

Printing samples

Print CD / DVD / VCD Cover Inserts - CD Jewel Case and CD Booklets

An O-card is open at both ends. They are folded and glued, then shipped flat. This packaging will give your ordinary jewel cases a touch of exclusivity.

A slipcase is a printed 15pt C1S Gloss Cover for your jewel cases or digipak. The slipcase can be created to cover any number of jewel cases or digipaks. It has one opening through which the cases slide and the other end is tucked in. Slip Cases are shipped flat.

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